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With pressures of finals bearing down as the semester comes to an end, a good place to unwind in the beautiful spring weather is the interactive Art on the Green exhibit at the AMOA-Arthouse, a fully-functioning, nine hole mini golf course nestled next to the lake, that gives the classic pastime game of putt-putt a kooky makeover.

Nine local artists, designers, collectives, and architects, including a University of Texas art installation class, contributed a hole to the course that ranged from having multiple platforms, geometric obstacles, giant clown heads, or a post-apocalyptic theme.

Guided by brightly colored “flags” made of recycled materials, players of all ages can leisurely travel through the 12-acres of the picturesque grounds of Laguna Gloria, and are encouraged to tap into their inner child.

“Art on the Green has been a popular draw for visitors of all ages,” explains Curator of Exhibitions and Public Programs Andrea Mellard.

“It’s a great way for my husband and me to entertain our four kids on a weeknight,” Ann Giles, a mom enjoying the exhibit with her family, said. “It’s not easy to find somewhere we can all be entertained for $14, even if it’s temporary.”

Contributing art group Boozefox, known for last year’s Battleberg Ice, a floating art installation in the middle of Ladybird Lake, designed nutrioppossumus, an unidentifiable rodent with large, yellowing teeth and a pathway that projects the ball out the rear-end of the animal.

“The installations are absolutely fantastic,” Nicole Raney, a student from the University of Texas, said. “I am loving interacting with each of the installations and discovering all the cool things you can do with them.”

The exhibit will run until May 20 and is open for play Tuesday 12-8 p.m., Wednesday 12-4 p.m. and Thursday-Sunday 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Players can take advantage of a 50 percent discount on “Twilight Tuesdays” from 4-8 p.m, otherwise prices for non-members are $8 for adults and $4 for children, and $4 an adult and $2 a child for AMOA members.

“The course piques the interest of art lovers, golf aficionados, couples on date night, and parents looking for a family-friendly weekend activity, so there’s a little something for everyone,” Mellard said.

When asked whether she had a favorite piece, Mellard’s response was “no.”

“I can speak on behalf of the AMOA-Arthouse staff in saying that we’re thrilled with how all of the holes turned out.”


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