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So, a few months back, I introduce Pinterest to some of you before it became the fastest growing site in about…ever. At that point, it was made up mostly of pictures of outfits to die for, adorable animals, crafty ideas and enough food porn to last you a lifetime. So, basically a bunch of girly things.

Well, thanks to a Facebook friend, I have encountered the first, at least to me, marketing scheme on 2012s hottest site. GSD&M, a local advertising agency, posted their SXSurvival Guide.

Let’s do some math:

[Austin + (GSD&M + SXSW)] + Pinterest = Genius.

I have been interested in what Pinterest had to offer since it first started gaining popularity, so little discoveries such as this one are fun for me.

Also, you should follow GSD&M’s SXSurvival boards. Obviously.


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