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If you haven’t heard of Epic Rap Battles of History on YouTube, you’re not living. Just as the title says, NicePeter and EpicLLOYD pick two historical figures (fictional or nonfictional) and have them battle with their words. ‘Hilarious’ is really the only term that appropriately describes these videos.

Both very clever YouTube stars (these videos contributed much to their success), they use NicePeter’s musicianship and lyrical genius and EpicLLOYD’s ability to portray a wide variety of characters to create these mini-masterpieces. I gush, I know, but they are just so impressive.

Following the success of their first dozen or so videos, the duo created a second “season” which launched today. Along with a new video was the introduction of a whole seperate YouTube channel called ERB devoted to these battles, whereas the first season’s videos were posted on NicePeter’s own channel.

The battle the released today is the second round of Hitler vs. Darth Vader (the original being one of my favorite of the entire series). So sit back, relax and let the comedy ensue.

(Take into consideration these videos can be a bit offensive, so they probably aren’t appropriate for children or in the workplace. Just enjoy them in the comfort of your home.)

If you like any of the music featured in these videos, they’re all available for download on iTunes.


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